Juuza Amakusa

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Juuza Amakusa
天草 十三
Amakusa a defa1.png
Character Information
Also Known AsHibari 13
BirthdayApril 1
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorGrey
First AppearanceAlliance of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByKōji Yusa

Juuza Amakusa (天草 十三 Amakusa Jūza?) is an ex-soldier and bodyguard hired to watch over Ange Ushiromiya. He specializes in taking dangerous jobs for low pay with extreme skill. He was originally hired to protect Eva Ushiromiya, however Eva fired him shortly before her death. He skilled in operating several different weapons. He once worked under Tetsurou Okonogi as a member of the Mountain Hounds.



In 1983, he was a member of the Yamainu under the codename 'Hibari 13', as he was part of the 'Hibari' unit. As a member of the Yamainu he comes under Okonogi's direct command and may have been involved in the schemes the Yamainu were. After the events of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Amakusa worked as part of the 1st Airborne of the JSDF and later as part of the French Foreign Legion before eventually being hired as a bodyguard for Eva Ushiromiya. After making advances towards Ange Ushiromiya, he was fired. He was later hired by Tetsurou Okonogi to protect Ange while she investigated the Rokkenjima massacre. Ange Ushiromiya observes that he has a bad relationship with his parents.


Amakusa appears as a male with white hair tied into a ponytail with small grey eyes. He wears black clothing along with black boots and a black hat. His jacket is adorned with a chain and golden cross.

In the manga adaptation of Matsuribayashi-hen, he wears the standard Yamainu uniform, which consists of gray clothes, gray cap and black boots. He also carries a backpack that has his tools. It also seems that his white striped long sleeved collar shirt has been with him for a long time, since he is seen wearing it under his Yamainu uniform. It is interesting to note that he prefers to wear his cap to the side.


Amakusa is a hot-blooded and open young man who cannot stand boredom. He is a laid-back and womanizing man with an innate ability to understand guns and other technology. He has a greedy side for money, and throughout his life at different military camps/armies he has had a record of absences for no important reason.



Amakusa is sent to stop the club with other members of the Hibari unit of the Yamainu. Satoko Houjou provokes him, and when he tries to chase her in the forest despite warnings from the base and his fellow soldiers, he falls into her trap. While it is unknown what specifically happens to him afterward, he presumably receives the same fate as his fellow members after Okonogi gives the Yamainu the order to surrender themselves to the Watchdogs.


  • While not initially described as appearing in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Amakusa later made a cameo appearance in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni manga as the soldier "Hibari 13".

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