Hifumi Takano

Hifumi Takano
高野 一二三
Character Information
Also Known AsGrandfather (by Miyo Takano)
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorGrey
First AppearanceMatsuribayashi-hen
Portrayed ByTanaka Kazumi

Hifumi Takano (高野 一二三, Takano Hifumi) is a character in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and was the mentor of Tanashi Takemitsu. He is the discoverer of the Hinamizawa Syndrome and first researcher to do a full study on the disease.






Takano's Report of the Hinamizawa Syndrome

Dr. Takano discovered the syndrome about 20 years before the main story. Hifumi wrote a report on Hinamizawa village, and the local disease he named the "Hinamizawa Syndrome". Dr. Takano's seemingly far-fetched theory states that there are many types of parasites in the world that can take control of their host, even if the host is human. It would mean that parasites could control our thoughts. If our thoughts would be controlled by this parasite, it would be like the plague: This means, in turn, would that our thoughts themselves become an incurable contagious disease.

Errors in Takano's Report

In Dr. Takano's report about the Hinamizawa Syndrome, he explained that it is an incurable and irreversible disease. He also explained that anyone who enters the village is infected by the disease. However, his report was not quite right. Keiichi Maebara was able to bring Rena Ryuuguu back to a non-violent state successfully in Tsumihoroboshi-hen, despite her being in the final stages of L5. It was revealed later that Rena was in a position of L5 back to return to L2. Kyousuke Irie also invented the prototype of the vaccine, which was later the basis of C-120. C-120 can suppress the terminal symptoms of the Hinamizawa Syndrome.

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