Chiester 410

Chiester 410
Character Information
BirthdayNovember 30
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Hair ColorPowder blue
Eye ColorRed
First AppearanceBanquet of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByEri Kitamura


—Chiester 410, Dawn of the Golden Witch

Chiester 410 (シエスタ410, Shiesuta Yonichimaru) is a powerful piece of furniture and a member of of the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps.


A weapon in a contract with Beatrice.

410 is a kid with a strong personality, whose peculiar style of speech tends to make light of people.

She likes laughing at people who are serious or can never relax, which is why she's so fond of 45 and Lucifer.

Her choice of words may be coarse, but she loves company and gets lonely easily. She gets depressed if there isn't someone talking with her constantly.

410 is particularly skilled when it comes to firing control, and she can wield unparalleled combative force even in close-range fighting.


Like the other Chiester Sisters, Chiester 410's real world counterpart is speculated by Dlanor A. Knox to be one of Kinzo Ushiromiya's Winchester rifles. However, her real world vessel is actually one of four ceramic bunnies owned by Maria Ushiromiya.


Chiester 410 appears as young girl with powder blue hair, bunny ears, and red eyes. She wears the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps uniform with blue accents. She has the One-Winged Eagle tattooed on her right thigh.


Chiester 410 has a tendency to act snide and frequently looks down upon her opponents.


Banquet of the Golden Witch

Chieter 410 and Chiester 45 are summoned by EVA-Beatrice to kill Rudolf and Kyrie Ushiromiya. They later kill Krauss, Natsuhi, George, Shannon, and later Beatrice herself.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Chiester 410 and Chiester 45 are summoned by Kinzo Ushiromiya to choose the first six sacrifices for the first twilight. The pair kill Natsuhi, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, Genji, Eva, and Rosa. Later, after Shannon and Kanon lead an escape from the dungeon beneath the Kuwadorian, the pair kill Kanon, Shannon, Nanjo, Krauss, and Kyrie as part of the fourth, fifth, fifth, seventh, and eighth twilights.

End of the Golden Witch

Chiester 410 is called to defend Kinzo Ushiromiya's spirit against Eiserne Jungfrau.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Chiester 410 serves as a guard to Battler Ushiromiya and Erika Furudo's wedding along with the other Chiester Sisters.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

During the Halloween after-party, Chiester 410 attempts to trick Natsuhi Ushiromiya into drinking tea with her tongue like a dog. After the Goats swarm Rokkenjima, Chiester 410 helps protect the lower floor of the mansion. Like her sisters, Chiester 410 is rendered incapable of attacking the Goats when they deny her, referring to the Chiester Sisters as "Maria's rabbit dolls."


Chiester 410 appears as a playable character in Golden Fantasia. She uses long-ranged bow attacks. Her special ability is "Break Boost," which increases guard damage on block. She has story modes with Virgilia, Lucifer, Rosa, EVA-Beatrice, and Lambdadelta.


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