Chick Beatrice

Chick Beatrice
Character Information
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceDawn of the Golden Witch
Portrayed BySayaka Ohara
I want to become the Golden Witch Beatrice that Father desires.
—Chick Beatrice, Dawn of the Golden Witch
Chick Beatrice, typically referred to as simply Beatrice, is one of the two parts of Beatrice that were created after her death in End of the Golden Witch. Chick Beatrice and her counterpart, Beatrice the Elder, represent a different part of Beatrice; Chick Beatrice is what Beatrice was like upon her original creation while Beatrice the Elder embodies the aspects of the myth of the Golden Witch.


The new witch, who was revived from the rules.

She has not lived a thousand years, and her behavior is vastly different from how it once was.

She's a witch who doesn't even know ho w to use magic. However, she has no fear of magic circles or spiderwebs. It's almost as though she's just a human...

She's attached to Battler and makes it her goal to do whatever she can for him.


Chick Beatrice resulted from an attempt by BATTLER to revive Beatrice. Unfortunately, he was only able to restore her body but not her mind, thus she ended up with a drastically different personality. Chick Beatrice is sweet and kind and regards Battler as her "father" as she is eager to please him. Despite this, Battler rejects her because she does not act like the original Beatrice. Furthermore, Battler is not actually the one who created her; Featherine Augustus Aurora explains that she was created by the original Beatrice. Battler is simply the one who allowed her to exist on a Game Board.

It is later revealed that Chick Beatrice is what Beatrice actually was like 1000 years prior, before she underwent a traumatic experience. That traumatic experience is repeatedly referred to as "Battler's sin" and her living "1000 years," though this is a hyperbolic statement symbolizing the six years Beatrice spent waiting for Battler to return to Rokkenjima. One of Chick Beatrice's strengths over her counterpart is that she isn't affected by spiderwebs or scorpion charms, though she is still affected by spirit mirrors.


Chick Beatrice is dressed in Beatrice's usual black dress with her hair up.


Dawn of the Golden Witch

Chick Beatrice tries desperately to please BATTLER, however she finds these efforts to be in vain. As an example, she bakes him a tray of cookies with the help of Chiyo Kumasawa and Genji Ronoue, however BATTLER refuses to touch them. Furthermore, BATTLER hates when she calls him "Father."

Chick Beatrice later joins in a battle of love being run by Zepar and Furfur. As part of this battle, Chick Beatrice is made to kill one person as a sacrifice. Chick Beatrice chooses Natsuhi Ushiromiya but fails to kill her. Instead, BATTLER has Lucifer kill Natsuhi. Nonetheless, Zepar and Furfur count this as a successful sacrifice on Chick Beatrice's part.

After BATTLER becomes trapped in a Logic Error, Chick Beatrice attempts to save him with the help of Beatrice the Elder and Kanon. When she succeeds, she is reformed into the original Beatrice and marries BATTLER.