Beatrice the Elder

Beatrice the Elder
Character Information
TitleRuler of Rokkenjima's Night
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceDawn of the Golden Witch
Portrayed BySayaka Ohara

Beatrice the Elder, sometimes stylized as Beatrice (the elder sister), is one of the two parts of Beatrice that were created after her death in End of the Golden Witch. Beatrice the Elder and her counterpart, Chick Beatrice represent a different part of Beatrice; Chick Beatrice is what Beatrice was like upon her creation while Beatrice the Elder embodies the aspects of the myth of the Golden Witch.


A mysterious witch who existed even before the rules. She has the same name as Beato, but she wasn't given the goal of devoting herself to Battler.

The final version of the witch sealed away by Kinzo. She spends her days pulling small pranks and clearing away the magic-resisting toxin, all for the sake of her resurrection.

She is similar to the evil spirits of Akujikishima in many ways, such as her fear of spiderwebs.

She is the one who gave Shannon the golden butterfly brooch.


Beatrice the Elder is the original Beatrice that came about from the rumors of the Ghost of Rokkenjima. Beatrice the Elder loves playing pranks on the servants and believes her pranks are a small taste of real magic. She serves as an older sister to Chick Beatrice and repeatedly attempts to teach her magic as the two try to find a way to combine again. Even though Beatrice the Elder is a 1000 year-old Beatrice, she has no idea who Battler is as she is based off of the "Ghost of Rokkenjima" rumors and not Sayo Yasuda.

She has worked tirelessly to lessen the anti-magic toxin present in most of the humans on Rokkenjima. She first succeeded with Shannon; she eventually reached a point wherein she could appear openly before Shannon. Once this occurred, Beatrice the Elder gifted Shannon with a golden butterfly brooch in exchange for destroying a local mirror that repressed Beatrice the Elder's magical abilities.


To distinguish between the two characters, Beatrice the Elder is dressed in Beatrice's human form with her hair loose.