Sonozaki family

The Sonozaki family, also known as the Sonozaki House, is a Japanese family prominent in business, government, and organized crime. The family wields powerful influence in Hinamizawa and its neighboring town, Okinomiya. The villagers of Hinamizawa believe the Sonozaki family bloodline has the highest concentration of demon blood out of any family in the village and thus the Sonozaki family is the most powerful. It is widely believed that the family is responsible for the series of mysterious deaths that occur around the Watanagashi Festival. It is also believed that the family is responsible for the kidnapping of Toshiki Inugai, grandson of the Minister of Construction. In the late 1970s, the family led the movement to stop the dam construction in Hinamizawa, making them heroes to many of the villagers. Traditionally, the headship falls to the first-born child of the family. Akane Sonozaki was skipped for headship due to her marriage to a man the family disapproved of. Thus, Akane's first-born child would ascend to the headship in her place. Though the first-born child was Shion Sonozaki, the family accidentally branded Shion's twin sister Mion Sonozaki with the tattoo symbolizing headship, thus Mion was instead made heiress to the family. Only Shion and Mion appear to be aware of the mix-up.

The main family lives in a large, traditional house near the river, with a garden and underground torture dungeon.

Family tree