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First AppearanceAlliance of the Golden Witch

Sakutarou is the name of Maria Ushiromiya's stuffed lion. He also serves as one of her pieces when on a Game Board. As a piece, Sakutarou's most consistent ability is "diplomatic immunity," which allows him to protect any given person from being attacked.



After Rosa discovers that Maria had been taking Sakutarou with her when she went out to buy food, she becomes enraged and rips apart her Sakutarou doll. Since Maria witnessed this and believed Sakutarou to have died, she was unable to summon Sakutarou anymore.


As a stuffed animal, Sakutarou appears as a yellow lion cub with an orange mane and with a small ring instead of a tail. At some point, Rosa Ushiromiya makes a red scarf embroidered with "Maria" for Sakutarou. When he is given a proper form by Beatrice and Virgilia, he takes on the form of a young boy with cat-like ears, an oversized yellow shirt with loose sleeves, and an oversized red scarf.


Sakutarou is fiercely protective of Maria and defends her whenever he has the opportunity to do so.


Alliance of the Golden Witch

In Alliance, Sakutarou is present during Maria's flashbacks. Sakutarou often attempts to cheer up Maria by distracting her from the truth of Rosa Ushiromiya's neglectful form of parenting.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Sakutarou uses his "diplomatic immunity" to protect MARIA during a fight with Kanon. However, the two are eventually defeated upon the interference of Shannon.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

Sakutarou briefly appears during the Halloween party after Ange solves Rosa and Maria Ushiromiya's riddles.


  • Despite being a lion, Sakutarou doesn't eat meat as Maria refers to him as a "vegeta-lion."

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