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Character Information
TitleThe Witch of Certainty
The Witch of the Absolute
Lady Lambdadelta
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorRed
First AppearanceTurn of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByFuyuka Ono

Lambdadelta (ラムダデルタ Ramudaderuta?) is an extremely powerful witch who was once known as the strongest in the universe.





Lambdadelta typically maintains a childish personality around the other witches, however she hides a sadistic side and only reveals it when she wants to be serious.


Turn of the Golden Witch

Lambdadelta first appears in the Hidden Tea Party of Turn of the Golden Witch. She is invited by Beatrice to assist her in defeating Bernkastel.

Banquet of the Golden Witch

Lambdadelta occasionally appears during Banquet of the Golden Witch to comment on how the game is progressing. During the Tea Party, Lambdadelta expresses her annoyance at how how lackadaisically Beatrice is playing the game and demands that she play future games with the intention to winning against Bernkastel.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

In Alliance of the Golden Witch, Lambdadelta appears before Ange Ushiromiya and reveals a trick that Bernkastel played on her that prevents Ange from ever reuniting with her family. Lambdadelta gives Ange the option of remaining by Battler Ushiromiya's side for all of eternity as long as she obeys Lambdadelta and never assists Battler enough to win over Beatrice.


  • The Greek letters of Lambdadelta's name mean 30 (λ) and 4 (Δ). This is a recurring motif in several When They Cry characters.
    • Miyo Takano, a major character in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, bears some physical resemblance to Lambdadelta. Furthermore, "Miyo" can be written as 三四, meaning "34".
    • Vier Dreissig, a major character in Ciconia no Naku Koro ni, bears some physical resemblance to Lambdadelta. Furthermore, her name can be translated from German as "four thirty", which becomes "thirty four" when following Japanese naming conventions.

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