Tomoe Minai

Tomoe Minai
南井 巴
Character Information
TitleChief Inspector
First Division Assistant Director
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorLight brown
First AppearanceSomeutsushi-hen
Portrayed ByNana Inoue

Tomoe Minai (南井 巴, Minai Tomoe) is a detective who serves as the protagonist of Someutsushi-hen, Kagebōshi-hen, Tokihogushi-hen, and Miotsukushi-hen Ura. She also appears as a minor character in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.


She is a detective in the Kakiuchi Police Station's criminal investigation division, and her rank is Chief. She's transferred to Kakiuchi Station as a candidate for an executive position in a group recommended by the National Police Agency.

She's a serious person, but her flaws are that she's a bit stubborn and inflexible. Her investigation of a mysterious burnt body found on the night of the Watanagashi Festival leads her to become involved in the Hinamizawa case.


Tomoe was born to Yuusuke Minai, a police offer at the Metropolitan Police Department.


Tomoe appears as a young woman with short brown hair and light brown eyes. She typically wears a black shirt covered by a red jacket and matching skirt.


Tomoe is a serious and talented detective. She is typically calm and collected, though she has the occasional outburst when dealing with her sister, Madoka Minai, or her boss, Kaoru Yamaoki. She has a notable appetite for junk food with a particular liking for the desserts at Angel Mort.

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