Ciconia no Naku Koro ni Glossary

The Eight Million System, also known as 8MS or Eimiss, is a series of nanomachine systems that became prevalent throughout the A3W world. The nanomachines are present in the air, the water, and the human body. They are responsible for things ranging from regulating the world's atmosphere and tectonic shifts to eliminating the odors resulting from pollutions.
A term referring to the time period after World War III.
A term referring to the time period before World War III.
CPPs or Congenital Parallel Processors are people with one or more split personalities that give them a natural talent at Parallel Processing.
Faction is a general term for the various alliances that comprise the A3W world. This includes national alliances such as the AOU and religious alliances such as the ABN.
Three-man groups of Gauntlet Knights that fight as a team.
P3 level
Parallel Processing Power, or P3, is a measure determining ones potential for using the Gauntlet. It is centered around the concept of multitasking, especially in regards to simultaneously doing different things in real life and in virtual reality.
Two-man groups of Gauntlet Knights that fight as a team. Primarily used by LATO.
Secondary secretary
A euphemistic term for a prostitute. Secondary secretaries are hired by wealthy older men and are exploited in public gatherings. Some are tricked into entering a typical secretary position and are blackmailed into the sexual role later.
World War III
A near-cataclysmic event that completely changed the balance of power in the world.