Teppei Houjou

Teppei Houjou
北条 鉄平
Character Information
Also Known AsTetsu
BirthdayMay 28
Zodiac SignGemini
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlack
First AppearanceTatarigoroshi-hen
Portrayed ByKatsuhisa Hōki

Teppei Houjou (北条 鉄平, Hōjō Teppei) is the abusive uncle of Satoko and Satoshi Houjou. He serves as an antagonist in Tatarigoroshi-hen, Tsumihoroboshi-hen, Minagoroshi-hen, Tsukiotoshi-hen, and Miotsukushi-hen.



Teppei and his wife, Tamae Houjou, were forced to take care of Satoko and Satoshi Houjou after the death of the childrens' parents. The two are frequently abusive to the children. Though he has been married to Tamae for some time, Teppei spends a majority of his time with his lover in Okinomiya, Rina Mamiya. According to Kasai Tatsuyoshi, Teppei is an experienced con man working alongside Rina. The pair employ badger games to swindle money from married men.



Teppei begins to remember the events of previous fragments due to Satoko Houjou's looping abilities. He softens as he returns to Hinamizawa, attempting to mend his relationship with Satoko and defending her from a group of violent thugs.

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