Madoka Minai

Madoka Minai
南井 まどか
Character Information
OccupationPolice officer
First AppearanceOnisarashi-hen
Portrayed ByAsami Shimoda
  • Tomoe Minai (older sister, colleague)
  • Kaoru Yamaoki (friend, boss, fiancé/husband)
  • Kuraudo Ooishi (friend)
  • Shingo Fujita (coworker)
  • Shirou Hanada (coworker)

Madoka Minai (南井 まどか, Minai Madoka) is a police officer working for the Kakiuchi City police department. She is the younger sister of Tomoe Minai.


A police officer in the Traffic Division of the Kakiuchi Police Department. Tomoe's younger sister.

She used to work as a hostess at a cabaret club, but got a job as a police officer on the recommendation of Yamaoki, one of her customers.

Because of her optimistic and carefree personality, she often clashes with Tomoe, who is the complete opposite, but she worries about her sister more than anyone else.


Madoka cares about her sister and worries about her getting hurt on her assignments. Despite this, they still bicker sometimes, especially regarding Madoka's engagement to Yamaoki.

Madoka has a simple job as part of the transportation divison of the police station but is wary about provoking the wrong people and getting into trouble.

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