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Gaap Normal.png
Character Information
Classification Demon
Title The Portal Demon
Gender Female
Age 1000+
Hair Color Ginger-Blonde
Eye Color Blue
First Appearance Alliance of the Golden Witch
Portrayed By Yuki Kaida

"I cannot bind anyone, and will not be bound. I don't want to be loved, I want to love."

Gaap (ガァプ Gaapu?) is a demon with the power of gaps, holes that can reach almost anywhere. She is very fashionable and up-to-date on the latest trends. One of the 72 Great Demons, the 33rd highest ranking earl of the underworld as well as Beatrice's friend.




Gaap appears as a young woman with ginger-blonde "drill" hair and blue eyes. She wears an elaborate red dress with black lacing and lined with white embellishments. She also wears a small red hat adorned with a pink bow. There are red bows on her neck and waist. She claims her dress is called "Jack the Ripper: Christmas Blood" from the Devilish Pretty collection.




  • Gaap is based off of the demon Gaap from the Lesser Key of Solomon.
  • Gaap is the only creation of Sayo's whose appearance is not based on a servant that Sayo worked with.

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