Clair Vaux Bernardus

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Clair Vaux Bernardus
Clair Normal.png
Character Information
Hair ColorPale green
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceRequiem of the Golden Witch
Portrayed BySayaka Ohara

Clair Vaux Bernardus (クレル・ヴォーブ・ベルナルドゥス Kureru Vōbu Berunarudusu?) is a vessel created by Bernkastel to narrate Requiem of the Golden Witch. Clair serves as the vessel of Sayo Yasuda. Clair is a reader, similar to the role of Ange Ushiromiya during Dawn of the Golden Witch. She is a "substitute actor" without her own personality and personifies both Beatrice and the rules of Beatrice's game as Beatrice herself does not exist in the world Bernkastel presents. Clair can be considered more a tool than a person and is used by Sayo to confess to Willard H. Wright, Lion Ushiromiya, and Bernkastel without revealing Sayo's own "pitiful form". Clair exists only in the meta-world and doesn't appear on any game board.

Clair is also the original form of Sayo's Beatrice, who was made to match the image of the ghost that haunts Rokkenjima with a pure white dress and contrasting personality. Once Beatrice accepts her love for Battler Ushiromiya, her form changes to match Battler's ideal woman and the portrait of Beatrice later placed in the mansion.