Alliance of the Golden Witch

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Alliance of the Golden Witch
Umineko ep4.jpg
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
Arc TypeQuestion
ReleasedDecember 29, 2008 (C75)
Word Count179,913 (~600 pages)
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chronology
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End of the Golden Witch

Alliance of the Golden Witch is the fourth arc in Umineko no Naku Koro ni and the final arc of the original Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novel. It introduces the character of Ange Ushiromiya and follows her quest to discover the truth of the Rokkenjima massacre.



The Ushiromiya family prepare for their flight to Rokkenjima. Ange Ushiromiya and Bernkastel look on as they leave. Meanwhile, in the meta-world, Battler Ushiromiya and Beatrice prepare for the next game. Beatrice invites Ange as a guest to their game. In order to hide her true identity from Battler, Ange introduces herself as Gretel.

During an unspecified time after 1986, at St. Lucia Academy, Ange endures bullying from her classmates. After finding a place to seclude herself, Ange opens a diary written by Maria Ushiromiya that she retrieved after Maria's death. She reads an entry about Maria's birthday wherein she received a stuffed animal named "Sakutarou" from her mother.

In 1998, Ange is confronted by Tetsurou Okonogi about her actions that resulted in her jumping from a building. Okonogi criticizes Ange's desire to "find the truth" as he believes nothing will sway Ange's mind from believing that Eva is responsible for the Rokkenjima massacre. Okonogi is then informed by his secretary that the Sumadera family is attempting to take guardianship of Ange and are waiting to pick her up. Okonogi directs Ange to his car and tells her to escape. As Ange attempts to leave the building, she is intercepted by Kasumi Sumadera's bodyguards. She is swiftly rescued by Juuza Amakusa.

On October 4, 1986, the Ushiromiya family have begun arguing over the division of family head Kinzo Ushiromiya's inheritance. The siblings are upset that Kinzo refuses to see them despite Doctor Nanjo claiming that he is in good spirits. Kyrie Ushiromiya posits that Kinzo could have already passed away and that Krauss and Natsuhi Ushiromiya are hiding this fact to hoard the inheritance. The siblings give Krauss an ultimatum: Convince Kinzo to see them by the end of the night or pay them 900 million yen in "security money". After this, Krauss and Natsuhi visit Kinzo and talk him into appearing before the family after dinner.

Some time later, a typhoon envelops Rokkenjima. Rosa Ushiromiya drags her daughter, Maria Ushiromiya, out of the rain to dry off. The two become very lovey-dovey and repeatedly sing that they love each other. This angers Gretel and she storms away from Battler and Beatrice. Gretel goes through Maria's diary and sees a memory of Rosa's neglectful treatment of Maria. Inside of this memory, Gretel witnesses Maria's troubled relationship with Rosa and comes to the conclusion that they have a sad, pitiful relationship with each other. MARIA counters and claims that their relationship is a happy one from her perspective.

Back in 1998, Ange meets with Professor Ootsuki, an renowned occultist known as an expert on the Rokkenjima massacre. During their meeting Ange confirms that the handwriting found in the message bottles that appeared after the massacre matched that of a passage written by Beatrice in Maria's diary. She flees before she can be found by Kasumi Sumadera. Later, in her hotel room, Ange talks with MARIA about rekindling her powers as a witch and successfully summons five of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory. The effort of doing so causes Ange to pass out.

Ange has a flashback to when she was attending St. Lucia Academy and first summoned the Seven Stakes of Purgatory. Ange had difficulty maintaining the presence of all seven and instead practiced by manifesting only one: Mammon. Eventually, by developing her magical abilities, Ange reaches the point of being able to manifest all seven sisters without issue. After a particularly unpleasant incident of bullying, Ange orders the stakes to kill the students bullying her. The stakes claim it is impossible due to the interference of anti-magic influence. Angered by this, Ange forces the stakes to endure a violent disappearance, one-by-one.

Maria's diary recounts another story of her being left home alone. Maria visits the convenience store with Sakutarou and four small ceramic rabbits that Rosa had bought her before. On her way home, Maria realizes that she lost her house key and spends the night searching for it. She is intercepted by a policeman who calls Rosa's work and learns that she has gone on vacation. When Rosa returns home, a social worker is present and asks her about Maria. Rosa becomes enraged when she learns that Maria had become famous around the town due to her frequently going out to buy food with Sakutarou and the rabbits. This culminates in Rosa smashing one of the rabbits and ripping apart Sakutarou.

In 1998, Ange and Amakusa are on their way to Niijima. Ange apologizes to Mammon for her actions at St. Lucia Academy and manages to summon Sakutarou and all seven sisters at once. Meanwhile, Kasumi Sumadera and her bodyguards slowly make their way to Rokkenjima.

Back in October 4, 1986, the typhoon has enveloped Rokkenjima. Kinzo Ushiromiya exiles the cousins from the Ushiromiya Main Building so that he can make an announcement to the others. Shannon guides them to the guest house before joining the other servants in the parlor. Once all except the cousins have gathered, Kinzo enters the parlor. He declares that he plans on ending the Ushiromiya family and will not pass on the headship to anyone. He summons the Pendragon Memorial Troops and has them choose any six people in the room and use them as sacrifices for his ritual. This results in the deaths of Natsuhi, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, Genji, Eva, and Rosa. Kinzo then summons Ronove, Virgilia, and Gaap. Krauss, Kyrie, Kanon, Shannon, and Doctor Nanjo are swallowed into a void by Gaap. Gohda and Kumasawa manage to escape.

Rosa awakens in a strange void. She re-experiences the time that she destroyed Sakutarou, this time with MARIA as a witness. Rosa is angered by MARIA's wailing in reaction to watching Sakutarou being ripped apart and begins to hit her repeatedly. MARIA then turns Rosa's hands to ceramic. When Rosa tries to hit MARIA, her ceramic hands break off. Joined by Beatrice, MARIA repeatedly crushes and revives Rosa. Maria wakes up in the guest house, surrounded by Battler, George, and Jessica. Gohda and Kumasawa burst in from the stormy outside and try to explain what happened in the parlor.

Krauss, Kyrie, Kanon, Shannon, and Doctor Nanjo awaken in a dungeon underground. After some searching, the group manages to find a working phone. While they are unable to call anyone away from the island, the phone is capable of internal calls. The group successfully call the cousins staying in the guest house. The group in the guest house retrieve makeshift weapons from around the house and barricade themselves in. Kinzo, Ronove, Gaap, and Virgilia approach their prison and reveal that they are actually in the basement of the Kuwadorian, a second mansion hidden in the forests of Rokkenjima.

In 1998, Ange and Amakusa meet with Nanjo's son, Masayuki Nanjo, at his private clinic. Though he is reluctant, Ange manages to pressure Nanjo into discussing details of the Rokkenjima massacre. Nanjo reveals that he received a letter shortly after the massacre with a key to a safe-deposit box. Inside the safe-deposit box was a duralumin case with roughly one hundred million yen inside. Ange matches the letter's handwriting with Beatrice's entry in Maria's diary. Ange meets another of the surviving children of the servants; Sabakichi Kumasawa. Sabakichi recieved a similar letter with a similar key. Upon his prompting, Ange suddenly remembers that she herself received a similar letter twelve years prior. Ange makes a final stop on Niijima to meet with Captain Kawabata, the man who ran the ferry running to and from Rokkenjima at the time of the massacre. He happily agrees to ferry her to Rokkenjima the following day. Before she goes to bed, Ange is shaken by an unseen entity standing in the darkness.

Back in 1986, Krauss calls the cousins again, this time under Kinzo's direction. He informs them of the test meant to determine the next family head and instructs them to lock Gohda and Kumasawa in the gardening storehouse so that they cannot interfere.


The Ushiromiya Family


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Deaths and Disappearances

All deaths and disappearances are listed only as they are told in Alliance of the Golden Witch and apply only for the individual arc, not the overall series.








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