Chiester 556

Chiester 556
Character Information
Hair ColorViolet
Eye ColorRed
First AppearanceAlliance of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByMinase Inori
Chiester 556 (シエスタ556, Shiesuta Gogoroku) is a powerful piece of furniture and a member of of the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps.


A weapon of the Sisters' Cavalry, which serves Pendragon.

Although 556 was a quiet girl who was always being teased, she was loved by everybody.

However, luck was not on her side, and she suffered a brutal death in a battle with the black witch.

She was a state-of-the-art weapon, and added color to the Sisters' Cavalry, which had the strong flavor of an honor guard.

556 was in charge of squad fire support. She shot not to kill, but to protect her allies.


Chiester 556 was killed some time before the events of Umineko no Naku Koro ni by an unknown witch. Like the other Chiester Sisters, Chiester 556's real world counterpart is speculated by Dlanor A. Knox to be one of Kinzo Ushiromiya's Winchester rifles. Chiester 556 is specifically represented by the one defective rifle. However, her real world vessel is actually one of four ceramic bunnies owned by Maria Ushiromiya, specifically the one that Rosa Ushiromiya destroyed.


Chiester 556 appears as young girl with dark purple hair, bunny ears, and red eyes. She wears the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps uniform with purple accents. She has the One-Winged Eagle tattooed on her right thigh.


Chiester 556 is very easygoing, though this extends to the point where she is often a doormat for the other Chiester Sisters.


Alliance of the Golden Witch

Chiester 556's real world counterpart, one of Maria Ushiromiya's bunnies, is destroyed by Rosa Ushiromiya in a fit of rage.