Beatrice Castiglioni

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Beatrice Castiglioni
ベアトリーチェ "ビーチェ" カスティリオーニ
Beatrice C Normal.png
Character Information
Also Known AsBice
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceRequiem of the Golden Witch
Portrayed BySayaka Ohara

Beatrice Castiglioni was Kinzo Ushiromiya's first and only true love. As Kinzo was married at the time, Beatrice acted as Kinzo's mistress. Beatrice accompanied her father, an Italian Social Republic naval official, to Rokkenjima via submarine during World War II, though her father died during the trip. As Kinzo and Beatrice could both speak English, they acted as interpreters between the Japanese and Italian militaries on Rokkenjima, using English as a common language. She ultimately died during the birth of her only child, Beatrice Ushiromiya.




Beatrice appears as a well-endowed Italian woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is seen wearing a red foulard and off-white tunic along with green army pants and brown boots.


Beatrice is a light-hearted person who is very intelligent. She comes from a noble Italian family and is treated as a noble lady. Despite her origins, Beatrice is quite a tomboy and a tough woman, and dislikes the treatment she receives for her family name. She is very friendly and tells her friends to call her "Bice."


Beatrice only appears in Requiem of the Golden Witch during a flashback to Kinzo's days in the military.


  • Beatrice's outfit from top to bottom is red (foulard), white (tunic), and green (pants), which are the colors of the Italian flag.
  • Beatrice's nickname "Bice" comes from the nickname of Beatrice Potinari from Divine Comedy.