Beatrice Castiglioni

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Beatrice Castiglioni
ベアトリーチェ "ビーチェ" カスティリオーニ
Beatrice C Normal.png
Character Information
Also Known AsBice
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceRequiem of the Golden Witch
Portrayed BySayaka Ohara

Beatrice Castiglioni was the daughter of a high-ranking Italian official as well as Kinzo Ushiromiya's first and only true love. As Kinzo was married at the time, Beatrice acted as Kinzo's mistress. Beatrice had accompanied her father, an Italian Social Republic naval official, to Rokkenjima via submarine during World War II, though her father died during the trip. As Kinzo and Beatrice could both speak English, they acted as interpreters between the Japanese and Italian militaries on Rokkenjima, using English as a common language. She ultimately died during the birth of her only child, Beatrice Ushiromiya.



Beatrice's mother was killed at some point during World War II. Shortly afterwards, Beatrice accompanied her father, a high-ranking RSI official, and ~60 soldiers in the RSI military on a top-secret submarine mission. Unfortunately, the submarine suffered a chlorine gas leak, killing several people on board, including Beatrice's father. The submarine docked on Rokkenjima with only ten soldiers remaining, who then sought assistance from a group of Japanese soldiers stationed on the island. Beatrice was the only one of the Italians who could speak English; similarly, Kinzo Ushiromiya was the only one of the Japanese who could speak English. The two served as translators for their respective militaries and were quickly smitten with each other; they felt as if they were able to be their own self as they were no longer beholden to the influence of their respective family names while around each other. After two weeks, the Italians were forced to ask the Japanese for help in unloading ten tons of gold from their damaged submarine as they feared the submarine would sink. This led to a fight over possession of the gold, which resulted in the deaths of everyone except for Kinzo and Beatrice. Beatrice sustained moderate injuries and was taken to the neighboring island of Niijima by Kinzo in search of a doctor. There, they met and befriended Terumasa Nanjo. Some time later, Beatrice moved to Odawara with Kinzo and lived as his mistress in secret. She died several years later during the birth of their only child: Beatrice Ushiromiya.


Beatrice appears as a well-endowed Italian woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is seen wearing a red foulard and off-white tunic along with green army pants and brown boots.


Beatrice is a light-hearted person who is very intelligent. She comes from a noble Italian family and is treated as a noble lady. Despite her origins, Beatrice is quite a tomboy and a tough woman, and dislikes the treatment she receives for her family name. She is very friendly and tells her friends to call her "Bice."


Requiem of the Golden Witch

Beatrice's only appearance is in Requiem of the Golden Witch during a retelling of Kinzo's days in the military. To see the story that is recounted, read the "Background" section above.


  • Beatrice's outfit from top to bottom is red (foulard), white (tunic), and green (pants), which are the colors of the Italian flag.
  • Beatrice's nickname "Bice" comes from the nickname of Beatrice Potinari from Divine Comedy, a book that Kinzo is fond of.
  • The reasons behind the submarine mission that led Beatrice to Rokkenjima is unknown; Beatrice and Kinzo both speculate that the most important part of the mission was the transportation of her father, who was said to have been so high up in the RSI hierarchy that he may have worked with Benito Mussolini himself.

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