Ikuko Hachijo

Ikuko Hachijo
Character Information
Also Known AsZerogonanaroku Itouikukuro
Tohya Hachijo
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorPurple
First AppearanceDawn of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByMichiko Neya
Readers only pretend to read books...No matter what I write in my books, they don't truly read anything.
—Tohya Hachijo, Dawn of the Golden Witch
Ikuko Hachijo (八城幾子, Hachijo Ikuko), known by the name Tohya Hachijo (八城十八, Hachijo Tōya) in Dawn of the Golden Witch, is a mystery novelist. She has become famous due to her series of stories centered around the Rokkenjima massacre.


A message bottle Forger. She's a mystery novel writer, and her person is surrounded by even more mysteries than those found in her novels.

She claims to have found the truth of Rokkenjima and posts new tales she has written on the web, as though giving out extra hints.


Ikuko is the black sheep of the wealthy Hachijo family. Her brothers are successful, however Ikuko's eccentricity led to her parent's confining her to a single house, wherein she spends her time reading and writing detective novels. Ikuko successfully published several mystery novels, each under different pen names. Her popularity skyrocketed when it was discovered that each of these novels were written by the same person.

Some time around late 1986, she found a man on the side of the road who had been hit by a car. She brought him to her mansion and gave him the name "Tohya Hachijo" after realizing he had suffered such severe memory loss that he couldn't remember his own name. Over time, the two began working together as novelists. As Tohya began to remember his past life, he used that information to help Ikuko create various stories about the Rokkenjima massacre.


Ikuko appears as a tall woman with long, dark purple hair stylized in a hime cut. She wears a brown dress with white ruffles and a long yellow-green ribbon tied around her torso under a long cream-colored jacket. She also wears a pearl necklace with a red gem. She is notably described as "age-less," and looks the same in all of her appearances despite decades passing between them.


Ikuko is reclusive and eccentric, largely only speaking to her pet cat before meeting Tohya Hachijo. Like her fantasy counterpart, Ikuko often refers to people as "child of man."


Twilight of the Golden Witch

Ikuko is solicited by a group of employees for "Company X," who wish to fix the outcome of a mystery novel contest they are holding. Tohya would win 10 million yen and her manuscript would be published and adapted into a film and television drama.

Some time later, Ikuko announced that she would reveal the Book of the Single Truth at a convention for Witch Hunters, however she changed her mind at the last minute, inciting the fury of many.

In the ????, she and Tohya are invited by Yukari Kotobuki to the newly-renovated Fukuin House.


  • One of Ikuko's pen names, Itouikukuro Zerogonanaroku, is an elaborate pun. The Japanese syllables, when matched to numbers, spell out 11019960576. This number is equal to 188, which is read in Japanese as "tohya no hachijo".
    • This is erroneously translated as Itouikukuro Reigonamu in the official Steam release.
  • Ikuko has a cat who likes dried plums named Bern.

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