Character Information
TitleWitch of Pieces
Witch of the Underworld
Also Known AsPiece Ushiromiya
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorTeal
First AppearanceLast note of the Golden Witch

Piece (ピース) is powerful witch capable of subsuming the existences of others. She appears exclusively in Last note of the Golden Witch as a challenger to Beatrice, Battler Ushiromiya, and Ange Ushiromiya.



Piece was originally created by Featherine Augustus Aurora to challenge Beatrice, Battler, and Ange. She is a manifestation of Asumu Ushiromiya, created in the aftermath of her death. Having seen her husband, Rudolf Ushiromiya, remarry with his mistress Kyrie Ushiromiya after her death, Asumu harbored feelings of animosity towards Kyrie's daughter, Ange.


Piece appears as a young girl with teal eyes and light blue hair adorned with a crown and veil. She wears a patterned blue double-breasted dress with a white cravat, white ribbons, and a red/gold sash.


Piece initially appears as polite, however she prone to using an ahegao-esque expression alongside the verbal tic of "piece" (similar to Dlanor A. Knox's DEATH and Maria Ushiromiya's uU).


Last note of the Golden Witch

In Last note of the Golden Witch, Piece crafts a scenario wherien Asumu never dies, thus Kyrie never marries Rudolf and Ange never joins the Ushiromiya family. As a result of this, nearly all of the family's previously established issues are solved: Kinzo's death is not covered up, every member of the family is wealthy, Sayo Yasuda assumes the role of head which relieves the tension between Krauss and Eva and also prevents the Rokkenjima massacre and the epitaph is solved before the legend of Beatrice takes hold of the island. This scenario exists to torment Ange with the idea that her existence is actively causing her family pain.


  • Piece is used as an allegory for the process of creation and the various characters that Ryukishi07 conceived of in the making of When They Cry but never wrote into the final product.
  • Even Piece seems unaware of the fact that Rudolf switched Asumu and Kyrie's children at birth and directs her hatred only at Ange, rather than at Battler (who is also Kyrie's child).

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