Tamae Houjou

Tamae Houjou
北条 玉枝
Character Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
First AppearanceMeakashi-hen
Portrayed ByWakako Matsumoto

Tamae Houjou (北条 玉枝, Hōjō Tamae) is the abusive aunt of Satoko and Satoshi Houjou.



Tamae and her husband, Teppei Houjou were forced to take care of Satoko and Satoshi Houjou after the death of the childrens' parents. The two are frequently abusive towards the children. Teppei spends a majority of his time with his lover, Rina Mamiya, which causes Tamae to lash out at the children.

As a member of the Houjou family, Tamae was ostracized from the village during the dam conflict. Even after the dam conflict concluded, Tamae maintained an antagonistic view towards the rest of the villagers, intensifying the hostility the villagers felt towards her. Her violence towards the Houjou children led to Satoko Houjou's mental breakdown. Satoshi Houjou, unable to bear seeing his sister's pain, lured Tamae to the forest and murdered her with his baseball bat.


Since she was killed before the main story of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni takes place, Tamae never makes a direct appearance in the games and was not given a sprite. In the anime and manga adaptations, Tamae is depicted as an overweight middle-aged woman with brown hair.

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