Takumi Kurosawa

Takumi Kurosawa
黒澤 工
Character Information
First AppearanceYoigoshi-hen
Portrayed ByAkira Ishida

Takumi Kurosawa (黒澤 工, Kurosawa Takumi) is Yae Towada's boyfriend. 20 years after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, he visits Hinamizawa with her for some sightseeing.


A young man who lives with Towada. When Ryuunosuke arrived with others, he was drunk and lying on the floor of the room. On the way home, he smiled and broke the silence.


The console version shows that Takumi and Yae fell in love during their college years. Takumi was a guitarist at a band he had put together and he often performed at concerts. Yae first became acquainted with him after he invited her to his concert and they started dating shortly after. Unlike Yae, Takumi was always chasing his dreams, even after graduation. Even when most of the other band members had given up on their pursuit of making it big in the music industry and chose stable jobs, Takumi still held on to his hopes and continued to write music after moving in with Yae. This made his girlfriend's life hard, since she had to pay all their expenses and drowned her hopes of leading a normal domestic life with Takumi.

Soon, faced with failure after failure at his attempts in securing a music career, Takumi was overcome with bitterness and stayed mostly at home watching TV or drinking beer and completely stopped composing music. After a while, Takumi started to abuse Yae whenever they ended up arguing, which made Yae feel trapped in their relationship.


Takumi is very abusive towards Yae and frequently throws things or beats her, usually apologizing after getting a hold of himself.