Tetsurou Okonogi

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Tetsurou Okonogi
小此木 鉄郎

Character Information
TitleFirst Lieutenant
Also Known AsOotori 1
BirthdayDecember 1
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Hair ColorDark Green
Eye ColorBlack
First Appearance
Portrayed By

Tetsurou Okonogi (小此木 鉄郎, Okonogi Tetsurō) is a business magnate and former soldier who worked as part of the Mountain Hounds. He is the only character to directly appear in the original visual novels for both Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.




Okonogi appears as a man with green hair tied into a ponytail with small black eyes. While working with the Mountain Hounds, Okonogi wears beige military garb and leather suspenders. While working as a businessman, Okonogi wears a red suit over a light red shirt, lime green tie, and black vest. In Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Okonogi's hair appears to be longer and he has two earrings in his left ear.


Okonogi is cunning and clever, able to think through a complicated situation quickly. Considering how the Yamainu, under his control, were able to cover up a series of incidents (the kidnapping of the Prime Minister's grandson, the dam manager's death, Satoko's parents' falling incident, etc.) which may have uncovered the true nature of the Irie Institution, Okonogi's ability to think through these situations is unmatched. He is also easily corrupted by money, as Takano's bribing allowed him to assist her in the creation of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. However, as shown by the ending of Matsuribayashi-hen, he is under the true control of Nomura in "Tokyo". He does not have a hard time accepting defeat in fair battle scenarios, but is prone to jealousy when he overestimates himself against those who are better than him (especially against Mamoru Akasaka, whom he personally wants revenge against for his defeat at the Sonozaki Estate).



In the original visual novel, Okonogi is directly involved in the kidnapping of the Prime Minister's grandson, Toshiki Inugai. He first encountered Mamoru Akasaka and Kuraudo Ooishi here as they successfully took back his hostage. Despite Toshiki being successfully recovered, the dam project was still canceled thanks to pressure put on the Prime Minister from elsewhere.


it is revealed that Okonogi was bribed by Miyo Takano to assist her in using File No.34 to wipe out all of Hinamizawa and have her grandfather's research accepted as fact. After Takano's "death", he sets up an elaborate plan to frame Kyousuke Irie as the true mastermind behind the murder of Takano and Jirou Tomitake. The plan is received successfully and the Great Hinamizawa Disaster occurs.


In the manga, it is shown that Okonogi, along with a few other Mountain Hounds, was directly involved in the murder of Rika's mother- particularly her capture. Up until June of 1983 Okonogi stayed out of the line of action until the day before the Watanagashi Festival - it is shown that he was in charge of all commanding operations regarding the capture ofJirou Tomitake, Rika Furude, and Kyousuke Irie. It is interesting to note that he recalled facing off against Mamoru Akasaka in the kidnapping case five years earlier and was glad to see that he had been training since. This however, was not present in the anime adaption as his appearance during the kidnapping was replaced by a generic Mountain Hound member.

During the battle on the mountain, Okonogi becomes visibly irritated with the Mountain Hounds' incompetence in such battle situations. This is due to the team not being professionally trained as a combat force, as Okonogi would have preferred. He had overestimated the Mountain Hounds' ability to handle themselves in guerrilla warfare-like situations, and subsequently suffered many losses and ultimately defeat by surrendering to the Watchdogs. The entire time he maintained communications with Nomura and, by the time of the surrender, he was prepared to shoot Miyo Takano as a plab B. After surrendering, he instead left it up to Takano to shoot herself, while musing that he was going "too easy" on her.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

In Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Okonogi is depicted as the successful president of the Ushiromiya Group in Tokyo. As head of the Ushiromiya Group, Okonogi is responsible from protecting Ange's inheritance from others. He employs Juuza Amakusa to protect Ange when Kasumi Sumadera attempts to claim guardianship over her.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

Okonogi returns at the end of Twilight of the Golden Witch; In the "magic" ending, he fakes Ange's death at her request and is appointed president of the Ushiromiya Group, allowing Ange to live the rest of her life as a children's novelist named "Yukari Kotobuki." In the "trick" ending, Ange comes to believe that Okonogi is conspiring with the Sumadera family to have her killed and gain control of the Ushiromiya Group. To retaliate, Ange murders Juuza Amakusa and Captain Kawabata and vows to carve her own truth.


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