Furude family

The Furude family, also known as the Furude House, is a Japanese family prominent in Hinamizawa's religion and tradition. The family is in charge of the shrine to Oyashiro as well as the Saiguden. The family's bloodline is strongly tied to the religious beliefs of Hinamizawa as the bloodline is said to contain the reincarnation of Oyashiro. The current family head and sole surviving member of the Furude family is Rika Furude.

Hinamizawa Syndrome

The Furude family is tied to Hinamizawa Syndrome via their bloodline. As discovered by Hifumi Takano, the Furude family carries an antibody of Hinamizawa Syndrome that led the youngest female of the family to be designated as the "queen carrier". Takano maintained that, if the "queen carrier" was to die, the entire village would escalate to L5 Hinamizawa Syndrome, causing widespread chaos.

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