Chiyo Kumasawa

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Chiyo Kumasawa
熊沢 チヨ
Kumasawa Normal.png
Character Information
Classification Human
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Black
First Appearance Legend of the Golden Witch
Portrayed By Hatori Yasuko

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Kumasawa was brought up in a fishing village.



Kumasawa has a certain love for mackerel and often jokes about incorporates it in her dishes, even when there would be no place for it.



  • Kumasawa is strongly connected to the witch Virgilia. In Banquet of the Golden Witch, Kumasawa turns into Virgilia after the Seven Stakes of Purgatory attempt to attack her. During this encounter, Virgilia refers to herself as having been "sleeping", so she may not necessarily be one in the same with Kumasawa but instead using her as a vessel.