Rina Mamiya

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Rina Mamiya
間宮 リナ

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Character Information
Also Known AsRitsuko
BirthdayJuly 31
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorRed
First AppearanceTatarigoroshi-hen
Portrayed ByMisa Watanabe

Rina Mamiya (間宮 リナ Mamiya Rina?, born Ritsuko Mamiya) is a con artist and showgirl who serves an antagonist in Tsumihoroboshi-hen and Miotsukushi-hen. Rina's death is what causes Teppei Houjou to return to Hinamizawa.




Rina appears as an attractive woman with pink hair and red eyes. She wears a gold-colored tube top. In her original sprite, Rina has a visible red star tattoo on her exposed midriff as well as a skirt. In the Alchemist sprite, Rina's midriff is covered and she wears a key necklace not present in her original sprite. Neither the red star tattoo nor the key necklace are present in her second Alchemist sprite. In her second Alchemist sprite, Rina also wears pale pink jeans.




  • Curiously, Rina's last name "Mamiya" includes the character 宮 meaning "palace", a character also present in the name "Ryūgū".
  • Rina's BWH measurements in centimeters are 89-60-87.
  • Rina is 168cm tall (~5'6")
  • Rina's hobbies include indoor gardening and tea brewing.