Yae Towada

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Yae Towada
十和田 八重
Yae Manga.png
Character Information
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorGreen
First AppearanceYoigoshi-hen
Portrayed ByShintani Ryōko

Yae Towada (十和田 八重 Towada Yae?) is a character appearing exclusively in Yoigoshi-hen. She comes to Hinamizawa so that she can kill her boyfriend,Takumi Kurosawa, in a secluded area. She is found by Akira Otobe and "Mion Sonozaki" in a meeting hall near the Furude Shrine, causing her to hastily attempt to cover up her murder.



Yae became close to Takumi during their time in college, however their relationship began to falter after graduation. Though Takumi's strong desire to follow his dreams was endearing to Yae in the beginning of their relationship, after graduation Takumi never got a steady job, instead opting to continue chasing his dreams, forcing Yae to provide for both of them. Takumi's repeated failings in his pursuits caused him to drink and grow violent and he frequently abused Yae, once to the point of hospitalization. Yae forgave Takumi for his abusive behavior, however she secretly desired to be free of him. In order to free herself, Yae invited Takumi to a trip to Hinamizawa , where she got him drunk and strangled him with a rope.


Yae appears as a fairly young girl with bright pink hair and green eyes. She wears a pink dress with a white buttoned blouse over it.




Yae becomes entangled in the mystery of Hinamizawa after meeting "Mion Sonozaki", Akira Otobe, and Ryuunosuke Arakawa. She becomes a suspect for the suspicious occurrences surrounding the group, though "Mion" eventually figures out that Yae killed Takumi and attempted to hide the body by pretending he was asleep. After being called out, Yae explains the circumstances leading up to the murder and her lack of remorse for her actions. However, "Mion" points out a letter in Takumi's pocket which describes how Takumi had recently gotten a proper job and was moving on from fruitless dream-chasing. This causes Yae to break out in tears and she becomes consumed with remorse. However, the spirit of Takumi forgives her for her actions which inspires Yae to continue living. She escapes Hinamizawa by contacting Kasai Tatsuyoshi to help "Mion" reclaim leadership of the Sonozaki family. After leaving Hinamizawa, Yae turns herself in as a form of penance.


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