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Flauros Normal.png
Character Information
TitleFlauros the Blazing
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorRed
First AppearanceOur Confession

"I did somethin' bad! I love destroyin' about as much as I love killin'! And I love incineratin' most of all!!"

—Flauros, Our Confession

Flauros (フラウロス Furaurosu?) is the sixty-fourth highest-ranked demon of Hell. Flauros only appears in the Our Confession booklet and its subsequent visual novel adaptation.

The character was originally intended to be the demon summoned by Beatrice to carry out the murders of the Twilights, after which Beatrice would have planned everything so that it appeared as though Flauros was responsible for the murders. Her design was intended to contrast with both Gaap and Ronove.


Flauros has a childish personality and takes great delight in killing people and burning things. She can transform into a large leopard to kill humans and can cause fires and explosions at will.


Flauros appears as a young girl with leopard-like ears with orange pigtails and red cat-like eyes. She wears a white, collared bikini top adorned with the One-Winged Eagle alongside a white bikini bottom lined with diaphanous golden frills and red roses.


  • Flauros is based on Flauros, the Great Duke of Hell who gives true answers of all things past, present and future.