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Beatrice Normal.png

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Character Information
  • The Golden Witch
  • The Endless Witch
Also Known AsMilady (by Ronove)
Beato (after giving the title of Beatrice to EVA)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceLegend of the Golden Witch
Portrayed BySayaka Ohara

"I am the Golden Witch Beatrice! The Ushiromiya family's consulting alchemist! Following my contract with Kinzo, I now pass everything on to you."



After having lived for a thousand years, Beatrice was summoned by Kinzo Ushiromiya. She forged a contract with him and provided him with ten tons of gold. For the duration of their contract, Beatrice was to remain in the human realm and was effectively Kinzo's prisoner. As a result, Beatrice was bound to the body of Beatrice Castiglioni and was imprisoned on Rokkenjima. In order to escape, Beatrice allowed herself to die during childbirth which in turn allowed her to leave her human vessel. Kinzo managed to recapture her soul and imprison her once again in the body of the baby Beatrice Ushiromiya. Due to this, Beatrice lost her memories and sense of identity.

Years later, Rosa Ushiromiya accidentally discovered Beatrice Ushiromiya and the Kuwadorian. Beatrice asked Rosa to help her escape the Kuwadorian and explore the world, to which Rosa acquiesced. On their way towards the Ushiromiya main building, Beatrice slipped from a cliff and fell to her death. Upon dying, Beatrice's soul separated from Beatrice Ushiromiya's body. Having finally freed herself from Kinzo's influence, Beatrice hid in the forest and waited for her magic powers to be fully restored.


Beatrice appears as a tall woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually appears in witch form with a long, flowing black dress emblazoned with the One-Winged Eagle, a choker, and a bow. She also wears a flower in her hair and the successor ring on her left middle finger. She is frequently seen with a golden kiseru.

When taking on a more casual human form, Beatrice appears with a white collared, a dark blue cropped jacket and matching vest, a pink tie, ruffled miniskirt, striped stockings and boots. In this form, she usually holds a cane with an eagle head as its handle in place of her kiseru.


Beatrice can be a fearsome witch to those who don't respect her and acknowledge her existence. On the other hand, those who respect her and don't act oddly afraid of her have nothing to worry about.



  • Beatrice's original name is Lion. She adopts the name "Beatrice" along with the title of "Endless Witch" from Virgilia and later passes it on to EVA.
  • The nickname "Beato" is actually an Italian male name which can be translated as "blessed".
  • Beatrice's name is pronounced the Italian way as "Be-a-tri-ce" (Be-a-to-ri-che [ベアトリーチェ] in Japanese phonetics) rather than the English way, as "Be-a-triss".
  • The embodiment of Beatrice as Battler's ideal woman is most likely a reference to Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy in which Beatrice Potinari is also Dante's ideal woman.
  • Beatrice as she appears in Legend of the Golden Witch, Turn of the Golden Witch, Banquet of the Golden Witch, and Alliance of the Golden Witch is Ryukishi07's favorite character.[1]



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