Krauss Ushiromiya

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Krauss Ushiromiya
右代宮 蔵臼
Krauss Normal.png
Character Information
Also Known AsAniki (by Rudolf Ushiromiya)
BirthdayFebruary 26, 1936
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGrey
First AppearanceLegend of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByJūrōta Kosugi

"How sad, how sad, how very sad! How extremely totally truly hopelessly sad!"

—Krauss Ushiromiya, Legend of the Golden Witch

Krauss Ushiromiya (右代宮 蔵臼 Ushiromiya Kurausu?) is Kinzo’s first child. As the oldest of the four siblings, he leads the family conference. However, the other siblings think that he is trying to get all of the inheritance for himself, and this further strains the tensions between them. He is a real estate investor and has put a lot of money into the development of a resort. However, his results have been harshly criticized.




Krauss appears as an aging man with blond hair and a clean-shaven face. He wears a red double-breasted suit over a blue shirt, black vest, and yellow tie. The collar of his shirt and the left lapel of his suit both have the One-Winged Eagle imprinted on them.


Krauss is initially shown to be an arrogant person due to being the eldest and intended to be Kinzo's successor. He is disliked by his siblings, especially Eva, with whom he had vicious rivalry. It is revealed in End of the Golden Witch that Krauss is not doing well as a businessman and has often been tricked by other people, resulting in massive debt. He truly loves his wife and daughter despite them being the result of an arranged marriage. He also has a childish side which seemed to never to be known to his siblings.

He's good at boxing, which he took up during his college years.