Shingo Fujita

Shingo Fujita
藤田 慎吾
Character Information
First AppearanceSomeutsushi-hen
Portrayed BySusumu Chiba

Shingo Fujita (藤田 慎吾, Fujita Shingo) is a detective for the Kakiuchi City police department.


He's a detective in the Kakiuchi Police Department and a sergeant in the First Division. He's used as an errand boy by Tomoe, who is the same age as him, but together they have one of the highest arrest rates in the prefectural police.

He has a wife, but he is rather fearful of her. Tomoe has many weaknesses, and he can't wrap his head around them at all.


At a young age, Fujita watched detective dramas and was inspired by the justice portrayed on them to become a detective himself. He later attended police academy with Hanada and formed a good bond with him.

Fujita married his childhood friend Yuko, though she sometimes causes trouble for him because of her extreme jealousy.


Fujita has black hair and wears a black suit with a blue-cyan striped tie.


Fujita doesn't seem very smart, but he takes his job seriously and has a strong sense of justice. He's very afraid of angering his wife however, which is often exploited by others to lead him around.

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