Battler Ushiromiya

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Battler Ushiromiya
右代宮 戦人

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Character Information
TitleThe Golden Sorcerer
BirthdayJuly 15, 1968
Zodiac SignCancer
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorAuburn
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceLegend of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByDaisuke Ono

"It's useless, it's all useless!"

—Battler Ushiromiya, Legend of the Golden Witch

Battler Ushiromiya (右代宮 戦人 Ushiromiya Batora?) is the protagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro ni.



Battler was born to Kyrie Ushiromiya, who was Rudolf Ushiromiya's mistress at the time. Rudolf's wife, Asumu Ushiromiya gave birth to a child on the same day. However, Asumu's child was stillborn. Unbeknownst to either of them, Rudolf switched Asumu's and Kyrie's children, which made Battler legally Asumu's child and led to Kyrie believing she had given birth to a stillborn child. Asumu raised Battler believing him to be her own son. This would also lead Kyrie to harbor a strong dislike for Battler as she believed him to be Asumu's son instead of her own.

Growing up, Battler attended the yearly family conference on Rokkenjima and befriended his cousins, Jessica and George Ushiromiya, as well as the servant Sayo Yasuda, known then as Shannon. The four of them often played together, but he became the most closest to Shannon due to their mutual interest in mystery novels. The two of them became close enough that talking about mystery novels became an excuse for having secret meetings. At some point, Battler developed an interest in Shannon and, when he was twelve years old, he promised Shannon that, when he returns in the next family conference, he will take her away from Rokkenjima while riding a white horse. Shannon took this promise seriously.

Shortly afterwards, Asumu died and Rudolf immediately married Kyrie, who was once again pregnant with his child. Battler, in his grieving process, fought with his father and developed feelings of hatred towards him. Upon the birth of his younger sister, Ange Ushiromiya, Battler realized that Rudolf had been having an affair with Kyrie during his marriage with Asumu. Battler later left the Ushiromiya family and lived with his Asumu's parents for six years.

Though still on bad terms with his father, Battler would occasionally visit Ange on her birthdays. Eventually he grew to appreciate Kyrie, however he considers her more of an older sister than a mother figure. In 1983, Kyrie asked Battler to write letters to his cousins (including his youngest cousin Maria, whom he was not close with) which she would deliver at that year's family conference. While he did so, Shannon was hurt by the fact that Battler had not written her a letter. When Asumu's parents passed away, Battler returned to the Ushiromiya family.





  • Battler dislikes high places and vehicles, especially boats.
  • Battler is partially based off of Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney franchise, most clearly seen in Battler's Objection sprite.[1]
  • Battler's suit is somewhat unusual as it does not button like a conventional suit. Instead, Battler's suit zips up.
  • The name "Battler" may be a reference to Superintendent Battle, a character created by mystery writer Agatha Christie.
  • Philip Butler from Rose Guns Days is an homage to Battler, though the two have no canonical relation to each other.


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