Osamu Tsukada

Osamu Tsukada
塚田 理
Character Information
First AppearanceTokihogushi-hen
Portrayed ByYuichi Nakamura
  • Tomoe Minai (underclassman, former love interest)
  • Akihiko Chiba (boss)

Osamu Tsukada (塚田 理, Tsukada Osamu) is Tomoe Minai's former upperclassman.


The second secretary of the Minister of Health and Welfare.

He was Tomoe's former lover in high school, and despite his humble appearance, he is an ambitious man who is very interested in politics.

He used to be close to Tomoe, but now he's in a relationship with someone else.


Tsukada seems to be a well-refined mannered, kind and friendly person who was enthusiastic to reunite with Tomoe after all these years since their time together in high school, he was the one who motivated her to go for her last high jump record after a traumatic incident with her parent's death which she succeeded. But however Tomoe knows that while he's kind and also strongly assertive with strong ideals to make differences for everyone's lives as a student council president, he wasn't above exhibiting a condescending attitude only towards those who can't work hard or take their studies seriously which he still kept through his college years.

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