Chiester 45

Chiester 45
Character Information
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorRed
OccupationAlliance of the Golden Witch
Portrayed ByMariko Mizuno

Please, your orders!

Chiester 45 (シエスタ45, Shiesuta Yonjūgo) is a powerful piece of furniture and a member of of the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps.


A weapon in contract with Beatrice.

45 has a very methodical and timid personality, as well as a fairly strong persecution complex. Thanks to that, she's well suited to shoring up the weaknesses of 410's rough personality when they work as a pair.

She can't stand silence, so she'll often become emotionally insecure if she isn't being ordered around by someone constantly.

45 excels in search and decision-making capabilities. The support she provides doubles the combative force of the sisters.


Like the other Chiester Sisters, Chiester 45's real world counterpart is speculated by Dlanor A. Knox to be one of Kinzo Ushiromiya's Winchester rifles. However, her real world vessel is actually one of four ceramic bunnies owned by Maria Ushiromiya.


Chiester 45 appears as a young girl with pink hair, bunny ears, and red eyes. She wears the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps uniform with red accents. She has the One-Winged Eagle tattooed on her right thigh.


Chiester 45 puts on a serious front but is easily embarrassed, something that is often taken advantage of by Chiester 410.


Banquet of the Golden Witch

Chiester 45 and Chiester 410 are summoned by Eva-Beatrice after Lucifer and Belphegor fail to kill Rudolf and Kyrie Ushiromiya. The pair are used to kill Rudolf and Kyrie and later to kill Krauss and Natsuhi Ushiromiya.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Chiester 45 and Chiester 410 are summoned by Kinzo Ushiromiya to choose the first six sacrifices for the first twilight. The pair kill Natsuhi, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, Genji, Eva, and Rosa. Later, after Shannon and Kanon lead an escape from the dungeon beneath the Kuwadorian, the pair kill Kanon, Shannon, Nanjo, Krauss, and Kyrie as part of the fourth, fifth, fifth, seventh, and eighth twilights.

End of the Golden Witch

Chiester 45 is called to defend Kinzo Ushiromiya's spirit against Eiserne Jungfrau.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Chiester 45 serves as a guard to Battler Ushiromiya and Erika Furudo's wedding along with the other Chiester Sisters.


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