Nagisa Ozaki

Nagisa Ozaki
尾崎 渚
Character Information
First AppearanceTokihogushi-hen
Portrayed ByMayako Nigo

Nagisa Ozaki (尾崎 渚, Ozaki Nagisa) is a friend of Rena Ryūgū's who lives near Kakiuchi City.


A girl who lives in a town near Kakiuchi.

She used to live in Ibaraki, but transferred to a new school because of an incident.

She is quiet and shy.

She used to be very cheerful, but...


Nagisa was friends with Rena ever since elementary school, and Rena even helped her get together with her boyfriend Kouhei Sawamura. After an incident in Ibaraki in 1982 where Rena assaults several students, including Kouhei, Nagisa cuts off all ties with her.


Nagisa is very shy, but she's kind and loves gardening. After the incident with Rena she develops anger towards her and struggles to reconcile her feelings of her. Over time, Nagisa decides to believe in Rena and learn the full details of everything.

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