Last Season

Last Season
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
ReleasedDecember 31, 2013
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Last Season is the fourth and final arc in Rose Guns Days. It follows the brewing war between the Golden Dragons and Club Primavera as the one-year anniversary of Stella Maiougi's death nears.


By late 1950, Richard Maiougi had transformed Primavera into a dictatorial regime. Using his connections, Richard sequestered Rose away in Shizuoka, where she is kept under effect house arrest. As a result, Richard remains in power as the de-facto leader of Primavera. Leo Shishigami returns to Japan and encounters Jeanne Amakawa on the run from gangsters. Jeanne tells Leo a series of unsavory rumors about Rose, causing him to investigate. Meanwhile, Charles Chatani and Nina Ninagi reunite with Zel, who has also returned to Japan. The pair refrain from telling her about Oliver's death, instead pretending that he had been sent away on special assignment. Zel tells the duo that she had been in continued correspondence with Rose ever since she left Japan. A year earlier, after the shooting that incapacitated Rose, her letters changed and started being written in a strange manner. Suspicious, Zel returned to Japan with the intent of helping Rose. Zel deduces that Rose is being kept under house arrest and asks Charles and Nina for their help in rescuing her.

Leo arrives at Club Primavera and is welcomed by Cyrus Saimura and Richard. Richard tells him about the current state of affairs, though he maintains his lie regarding Rose's whereabouts. Richard introduces Leo to Keith Kisaragi. After Leo leaves, Richard, Cyrus, and Keith discuss whether or not Leo will rejoin Primavera. Meanwhile, Alan Aramaki returns to Japan and meets with Meijiu Lee. The two vow to enact revenge against the mastermind of Yuki's death.

Jeanne rallies a group of shops in the Dawn Shopping District into forming a defense against Primavera's racketeering. Leo is impressed by this and hopes to arrange a meeting between Jeanne and Rose, seeing their ideals as similar. Alan meets with Tzulung Sun, who tells him that Chinese intelligence suggests that Gabriel Kaburaya is responsible for Yuki's death. Alan decides to rescue Philip Butler, the only man whose testimony might prove Gabriel's guilt.

Meryl Tanashi confirms Zel's suspicions regarding Rose. Charles investigates Richard's personal contacts and learns of a wealthy benefactor in Shizuoka. Morris Monobe and Cyrus catch wind of the Wandering Dogs' investigation and discuss whether they should kill them before they find Rose. Alfred Akagi overhears and promises to kill them himself.

Richard employs Tequila Matoba to strong-arm the Dawn Shopping District into submitting to Primavera. Meijiu Lee arranges a meeting at the American garrison and sneaks Alan in under the pretense of being a bodyguard. Alan breaks into Philip's office and attempts to save him, however Philip refuses to leave, claiming that Gabriel is using his younger sister as blackmail against him.

Alfred attempts to assassinate the Wandering Dogs, however they manage to escape via car. The car spins out of control, crashing near the Dawn Shopping District, where they are found by Jeanne and Leo. The five group together in order to find and rescue Rose. They travel to Shizuoka and start a fight in a casino in order to draw Wayne Uedera's attention. Word of this reaches Richard, who sends Keith to assassinate Leo. Leo, Wayne, Charles, Nina, Zel, and Jeanne form a plan to break Rose out of her house arrest. Keith manages to prevent their escape using his sniper rifle, however Leo manages to shoot him with a hunting rifle.

Rose and Jeanne bond during the drive back to Tokyo and Rose decides that Jeanne is the ideal candidate to succeed her as Madam. Upon returning to Tokyo, Rose confronts Richard and the two realize they will never persuade the other. Rose leaves, vowing to put an end to Richard's Primavera. She enlists the help of Meryl Tanashi, Claudia Kurosaki, Caleb Keireiji, Miguel Kurashiki, Amanda Amamiya, James Tomitake, Tzulung Sun, Meijiu Lee, Xiao-lan, and Alan Aramaki. Tomitake attempts to recruit Morris Monobe, however Richard anticipates this move, leading Morris and Keith to kill Tomitake. Richard begins a series of hits against Rose's allies in District 23. Meryl is nearly killed, however she escapes using a decoy mannequin.

On October 23, the anniversary of Stella's death, Richard visits her grave. He is joined by Cyrus Saimura, Morris Monobe, Philip Butler, and Gabriel Kaburaya. Keith Kisaragi is posted nearby as a sniper. When the group arrives at the graveyard, Rose enacts her ambush. The Caleb Family rush the funeral, killing several of Richard's guards. Richard and Cyrus retreat to the nearby church while Alan and Keith snipe at the forces on the ground. Alan then joins the Wandering Dogs in the main fight. The group rushes Keith, who is singlemindly focused on killing Alan. However, Keith's view is blocked by Alfred Akagi and Tequila Matoba, who attack Alan. When Keith finds the opportunity to take the shot, he is knocked over by Xiao-lan. Alan makes it to Keith's position and assaults him. The two wrestle until they fall out of a window, leading to Alan's death. Leo and Rose confront Richard and Cyrus in the church. A shootout takes place. Rose shoots and kills Cyrus, though Richard manages to escape.

Having won a decisive victory, Rose orders Jeanne to shoot her so that she can ascend the position of Madam through the story of "slaying the evil Madam Rose." Meanwhile, Richard arrives at the American garrison, having been told by Philip Butler the truth about Gabriel's deceit. Richard and Gabriel get into a shootout, which kills them both.

Having finished the tale of Primavera, Jeanne Amakawa and Julie Hayashibara arrive at a graveyard, which Julie recognizes. Jeanne reveals that she hadn't shot Rose in the church, but Rose would quietly disappear and leave District 23 forever. She would adopt a new name, Misaki Hayashibara, and end up marrying Leo. Julie recognizes the gravestones of her grandparents, Misaki and Koutarou Hayashibara. Jeanne tells Julie that she had plans on giving her control of the Harukaze now that she is too old to continue leading it herself. Julie accepts, becoming the next Madam of Primavera.