Keith Kisaragi

This character appears in Rose Guns Days.
Keith Kisaragi
如月 キース
Character Information
Also Known AsYuzuru Kisaragi
BirthdayFebruary 15[1]
Blood TypeB[1]
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
LikesChildren, wildflowers[1]
DislikesCold weather[1]
First AppearanceSeason 3

Keith Kisaragi (如月 キース, Kīsu Kisaragi, born Yuzuru Kisaragi) is a Japanese gangster working for Primavera. He serves as a sniper, working alongside Alan Aramaki.



Keith has developed a distrust of the Japanese due to his experiences in the Siberian gulag, wherein older Japanese men would sell out younger ones in order to curry favor with their captors. It is in this same gulag where Keith met Alan Aramaki.

Keith and Alan narrowly survive the gulag and return to Japan after World War II, where they are recruited into Primavera's "Battalion" crew.


Keith appears as a young man with red eyes and black hair. He typically wears a multilayered outfit including a yellow vest covered by an off-white parka. He is always seen wearing a scarf around his neck, due to his intense fear of the cold.

After the events of Season 3, Keith's hair turns white.


Keith is relatively easygoing, however he develops a laser-focused and workman demeanor while sniping. He has an intense fear of cold due to his time in the Siberian tundra.


Season 3

Keith grows close to Stella Maiougi and helps take care of her adopted son/nephew Yuuji Maiougi. After Gabriel Kaburaya has both Stella and Yuuji assassinated, Keith is tricked into believing that the Golden Dragons are responsible. In revenge, Keith takes part in Richard Maiougi's plot against the Golden Dragons and nearly assassinates Meijiu Lee and Tzulung Sun, however the pair are saved by the intervention of Yuki and Alan. Keith shoots Yuki, not realizing her relationship to Alan, which leads to her death. When Alan retrieves her corpse, Keith realizes that Alan is still alive and breaks down.

Soon afterwards, Alan meets with Keith before leaving Japan. The two argue over their culpability regarding the recent deaths, with Keith steadfast in believing that the Golden Dragons are responsible for Stella and Yuuji's killings. The argument turns violent and Alan shoots Keith, leaving him to bleed out on the warf.

Last Season

Keith is revealed to have survived the shooting, though his hair has since become white. Keith is now a largely emotionless hitman working for Richard.

During Rose's final assault against Richard, Keith is assigned a sniper position near the graveyard Richard is visiting. Though initially maintaining an upper hand, Keith is eventually attacked by Alan Aramaki and Xiao-lan. During the struggle with Alan, the two fall out of a window. Alan shields Keith during the all, resulting in Alan's death. Keith is last seen looking at Alan's body, not recognizing that he had died.

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