Meijiu Lee

Meijiu Lee
李 梅九
Character Information
Also Known AsBlack Dragon
Guardian of the South Gate
Aniki (by Alan)
BirthdayJanuary 7
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
Officer under the Golden Dragons
DislikesSashimi, heavy drinkers[1]
First AppearanceSeason 1

Meijiu Lee (李 梅九, Lǐ Méijiǔ) is a Chinese gangster. He is a subversive element of the Golden Dragons, intent on reducing the influence and power of the Elder Council.



Lee appears as a lithe man with long black hair and sharp red eyes. Lee is always seen with his pet iguana, which rests on his right shoulder.


Season 1

Lee joins forces with Club Primavera in order to take down the Caleb Family. Together with Rose Haibara and Philip Butler, he orchestrates the Night of Roses and Guns.

Season 3

After Tzulung Sun massacres the Elder Council, Lee begins to work more with Primavera. He befriends Alan Aramaki, a member of Primavera who has fallen in love with Lee's younger sister, Yuki. After Gabriel Kaburaya manages to break down the relationship between Primavera and the Golden Dragons, Lee is nearly assassinated under Richard Maiougi's orders. However, Yuki intervenes, saving him but dying herself in the process. Following this, Lee and Alan vow to take revenge against Kaburaya.

Last Season

Lee does what he can to assist Rose Haibara in her final assault against Richard; he sends Alan Aramaki and Xiao-lan to help take down Keith Kisaragi.

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