Alan Aramaki

This character appears in Rose Guns Days.
Alan Aramaki
新巻 アラン
Character Information
TitleBrawling Alan
Alan the Fighter
Also Known AsDaisuke Aramaki
BirthdayAugust 10[1]
Zodiac SignLeo
Blood TypeO[1]
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorBrown
LikesDrinking, fighting[1]
DislikesSilence, shiitake mushrooms[1]
First AppearanceSeason 3

Alan Aramaki (新巻 アラン, Aramaki Aran, born Daisuke Aramaki) is a Japanese gangster working for Primavera. He serves as a spotter for Keith Kisaragi.



Alan fought alongside Keith Kisaragi in World War II. The two were captured by Soviet forces and held as prisoners of war in a Siberian gulag. After the war ended, the two returned to Japan and were recruited into Primavera's "Battalion" crew.


Alan appears as a young man with spiked blue hair and red eyes. He typically wears a red shirt with a popped collar and a loose-fitting yellow tie under a black suit suit.


Alan has a lighthearted personality and enjoys brawling for its own sake. He likes making puns. Alan is distrustful of the Chinese, believing that they can never truly get along with the Japanese. However, this view changes after he becomes involved with Meixue Lee.


Season 3

Having been branded a traitor by Primavera, Alan is forced to leave Japan. He moves to China, where he lives with Meijiu's relatives.

Last Season

After a year, Alan returns to Japan for the first anniversary of Yuki's death. He learns from the Golden Dragons that the mastermind behind Yuki's death is likely Gabriel Kaburaya. With the help of Meijiu Lee and Xiao-lan, he attempts to break Philip Butler out of the American headquarters so that he can testify against Gabriel, however Philip refuses to leave.

During Rose's final assault against Richard, Alan and Xiao-lan attack Keith and stop him from sniping at the fighters on the ground. Keith and Alan begin fighting, eventually leading to the two of them falling from a window. Alan shields Keith from the fall, dying in the process.

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