Leo Shishigami

Leo Shishigami
Character Information
Also Known AsKoutarou Shishigami
Koutarou Hayashibara
BirthdayMay 5[1]
Zodiac SignTaurus
Blood TypeO[1]
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationBodyguard at Club Primavera
LikesNoodles, tobacco[1]
First AppearanceSeason 1

Leo Shishigami (レオ・獅子神, Reo Shishigami, born Koutarou Shishigami) is a Japanese drifter and the protagonist of Season 1 of Rose Guns Days.



During World War II, Leo served as a soldier in the Japanese army. He was primarily an instructor for new recruits, however, after the sudden surrender of the Japanese, Leo's return ship sank and he was captured by Allied forces. He was held in an Allied detention facility for three years until he was repatriated at the beginning of Rose Guns Days.


Leo appears as a lanky man with blue eyes and unkempt brown hair. He typically wears a red shirt with a popped collar and a loose-fitting black tie under a striped green suit.



Season 1

Afterwards, Leo leaves the country to continue wandering.

Last Season

Leo returns to Japan and meets Jeanne Amakawa. He introduces himself to her as "John" and the pair bond after defending several storefronts from Primavera's thugs.

Leo and Rose confront Richard and Cyrus in the church. The four reminisce about the beginning of their friendship before engaging in a shootout. Richard manages to escape. Cyrus and Leo begin an honorable fistfight, though it ends after Cyrus is shot and killed by Rose. Rose's faction celebrates its victory and Rose tells Jeanne that part of her plan involves Jeanne shooting her; she hopes to kickstart Jeanne's reputation as Madam by having her kill the "tyrant Rose." Jeanne hesitates but ultimately agrees.

In 2013, Jeanne reveals that Rose's death had been faked; in truth, she had quietly left District 23 with Leo. The two eventually married, with Leo adopting the name "Koutarou Hayashibara."


  • Leo's outfit is derived from early designs of the card game Leaf Fight, which Ryukishi07 provided illustrations for.
  • Leo is themed around lions.
    • "Leo" is the Latin word for lion.
    • The first two characters of "Shishigami" (獅子) mean "lion" in Japanese.
    • The decal on Leo's tie appears to be a lion's head.
    • Leo's hair resembles a mane.

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