Volume 4 (Rose Guns Days)

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Rose Guns Days: Season 1
Rgd vol4.jpg
Chapters5 (15-19)
ReleasedApril 22, 2014
June 28, 2016 (EN)
ISBN978-4-757-54047-7Flag of Japan.svg
978-0-316-39154-2Flag of the United States.svg
Volume Chronology
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"Season 1: Volume 3"
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"Season 2: Volume 1"

"Rose Guns Days: Season 1," Volume 4 is the fourth volume of the Rose Guns Days manga and the final volume of the Season 1 adaptation.


Thank you, really...

...And I'm sorry.

The battle between Club Primavera and the Caleb family--with the pride of the Japanese people at stake--finally barrels toward a conclusion. Which group will win the right to rule during the coming era...?![1]


Author's Note


Hey! Ryukishi07 here,

How did you like Rose Guns Days Season 1? It showcases the meeting between Leo and Rose and marks the start of this post-war underworld epic, and I want to applaud Soichiro-sensei from the bottom of my heart for using his incredible power of the pen to bring it to life!

In the manga version of Season 1, he's managed to portray the charm of each and every character—even those who didn't get as much of a chance to shine in the original work. It's been done in such a way that even those who've played the original should find this a new and exciting read.

Again, I have to thank Soichiro-sensei for his hard work! He managed to preserve the integrity of the original while finding just the right way to portray it in manga form.

I'm so glad that the opening to the long tale of Rose Guns Days has been faithfully recreated in his magnificent art style!

As the original author, getting to experience this manga interpretation was really fun, because it felt like I was just another reader. Getting a peek at Soichiro-sensei's rough drafts was always a blast. I'm honestly a little sad that it's all over now, and I'd love another chance to work with him! Thanks again for everything!

From the original writer and supervisor Ryukishi07


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