Chapter 19 (Season 1)

Scene: 19
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"Scene: 19" is the nineteenth chapter of the Rose Guns Days manga.


On October 20, 1947, Caleb Keireiji arrives at the Bayleton Plaza Hotel, kickstarting Primavera's plan. They kidnap Amanda Amamiya and bring her back to Club Primavera while Leo, Wayne, and Rose raid the hotel. Amanda is used as a distraction when the Caleb Family arrives at Primavera, though she is shot by Morris Monobe before the Caleb Family realizes the deceit.

Wayne takes on Miguel Kurashiki, leading to an evenly matched fight. However, Wayne gains an upper hand and mortally woulds Miguel. Immediately afterwards, Rose manages to shoot and kill Caleb.

In the aftermath, Rose succeeds Caleb's position as ruler of District 23's underworld.