Jeanne Amakawa

This character appears in Rose Guns Days.
Jeanne Amakawa
天川 ジャンヌ

Character Information
Also Known AsMadam Jeanne
BirthdayJuly 6[1]
Zodiac SignCancer
Hair ColorPeriwinkle
Eye ColorPurple
OccupationHonorary President of Harukaze (The Association for Native Japanese)
DislikesGreasy food, dishonesty[1]
First AppearanceSeason 1

Jeanne Amakawa (天川 ジャンヌ, Amakawa Jannu, born Jun Amakawa) is the Madam and Honorary President of the Harukaze, a 21st century nationalist group that evolved from the postwar mafia group Primavera.



Jeanne is the granddaughter of Shoten Amakawa, a wealthy noble who became famous for revitalizing Japanese businesses after World War II. Jeanne's husband was drafted into the Navy. During World War II, she lost both of her children and later lost her husband in the Battle of Midway. After Japan's occupation, she began working as a bakery barker.


In 2012, Jeanne appears as an elderly woman, though her identity is largely obscured by her clothing. She wears a heavy red and black coat adorned with a blue rose along with a large cream-colored scarf, a black beret, large black sunglasses, and teal earrings.

In 1950, Jeanne appears as a young woman with medium-length periwinkle hair partially tied into a braid. She wears a pink blouse and skirt along with red platform sandals and pink earrings. While working as a bakery barker, she wears an orange apron.


Season 1

In 2012, Jeanne meets Julie Hayashibara for a series of interviews regarding Primavera, an organization that Jeanne was once leader of.

Season 2

Jeanne briefly appears during the shifts towards the frame story.

Season 3

Jeanne briefly appears during the shifts towards the frame story.

Last Season

Jeanne's earliest chronological appearance is in Last Season; In 1950, she meets Leo Shishigami while working as a bakery barker in the Dawn Shopping District. She rallies the shops in the district against Primavera's racketeering, impressing Leo. Leo hopes to arrange a meeting between her and Rose, leading him to assist her along with Charles Chatani, Nina Ninagi, and Zel

When the story returns to 2013, Jeanne reveals that Julie Hayashibara is actually the granddaughter of Rose and Leo, who left District 23 and married, adopting the names "Misaki" and "Koutarou Hayashibara." Jeanne had planned on transferring the position of Madam to Julie as Jeanne was too old to continue ruling.

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