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Club Primavera (クラブ・プリマヴェ―ラ, Kurabu Purimavuera) is a nightclub in District 23. The club was originally formed as part of an alliance between several prominent factions of prostitutes. Informally, "Primavera" or "The Primavera Family" refers to the mafia organization of which the employees of Club Primavera are a part.

After taking over District 23 in 1947, the group created a series of "crews" to control various aspects of the Underworld. Three of the known crews are the Wild Dogs, an intelligence outfit, Rich Bamboo, which controls the gambling dens, and Battalion, a group of elite fighters. Four members of the Wild Dogs crew, Oliver Oribe, Charles Chatani, Nina Ninagi, and Zel, were later split into their own unique group called the Wandering Dogs.

In 1949, the group created a new branch called the "Harukaze" that was meant to assist the native Japanese. This branch survived into the 21st century as the primary branch of Primavera.

Known members


  • The club was well known for its pasta dishes.
    • The name "Primavera" is possibly derived from the food dish pasta primavera, though this would be anachronistic as pasta primavera was not an established dish until 1977.
  • "Primavera" is Italian for "spring"