Season 2

Season 2
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
ReleasedDecember 31, 2012
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Season 2 is the second arc in Rose Guns Days and introduces the character of Zel, an amnesiac who is taken in by Primavera after a car accident.


By 1948, Primavera has expanded its power as the primary mafia group in District 23. Several months after the Night of Roses and Guns, a girl runs into the street and is struck my Rose Haibara's car. Rose takes the girl to Club Primavera and realizes that the girl has suffered amnesia as a result of the accident and has forgotten her identity altogether. Rose gives her the name Rapunzel ("Zel" for short) due to the girl's notably long hair. Zel is given shelter by three of Primavera's newer recruits: Oliver Oribe, Charles Chatani, and Nina Ninagi, a group of former street urchins that work as part of Primavera's "Wild Dogs" crew. Zel quickly befriends the trio and realizes, during a trip to Chinatown, that she can speak Chinese. Zel and her friends later begin performing as a musical quartet known as the "Wandering Cats" as part of a plan orchestrated by Zel to gather intel on an alleged Chinese scam at the placement office. This eventually leads to a scuffle with some Chinese gangsters, during which Zel recovers her memories. She recalls her true identity: an assassin nicknamed "Hotarubi" who was assigned a mission by the Yuanhong Wang faction of the Golden Dragons to kill Rose via a poison in her ring. She decides to keep this a secret from her friends as she is hesitant to follow through with her assignment. Rose throws an elaborate party and Zel has the opportunity to poison her drink, though she decides against it at the last second, abruptly leaving the party. She is captured by Wayne Uedera, who reveals that Primavera had already learned her true identity from Meijiu Lee. Wayne spares Zel under Rose's orders and tells her to leave town. However, Zel is recaptured by the Golden Dragons and imprisoned before she can do so. Meijiu Lee arranges for Oliver, Charles, and Nina to be imprisoned in the same building so that they can rescue Zel. The group embraces after reuniting, with Oliver, Charles, and Nina forgiving Zel for her previous deceit. They learn that Zel had been working as an assassin in order to prevent the Golden Dragons from killing her father. The quartet vows to find a way to save Zel's father, eventually forming a plan to break into the Millenium Restaurant wherein he is being held. With the help of Rose and Meijiu Lee, the group successfully rescues Zel's father and kills Yuanhong Wang. After reuniting with her father, Zel leaves the country, though she promises her friends that she will eventually return.








  • Every chapter in the manga adaptation of Season 2 is named after an existing song.