Chapter 6 (Season 2)

Track 06: Good Time
Volume2 (6)
Chapter6 (25)
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"Track 06: Good Time" is the sixth chapter of the Season 2 manga and the twenty-fifth chapter of Rose Guns Days overall.


Oliver Oribe recalls his "greatest failure" several months prior; he had been sent by Wayne to peacefully resolve a matter with some of the Chinese, however he ended up violently assaulting the Chinese, inciting retaliation from the Golden Dragons. He narrowly survived the Golden Dragons' assault and his reputation within Primavera was ruined.

In an attempt to cheer up the "dunce trio," Zel contacts Rose Haibara and arranges for the trio to perform their music at Bar Parchita 23. Their performance is well-received and Oliver convinces Zel to sing for them.