Chapter 12 (Season 2)

Track 12: If You Love Someone, Set Them Free
Volume3 (7)
Chapter12 (31)
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"Track 12: If You Love Someone, Set Them Free" is the twelfth chapter of the Season 2 manga and the thirty-first chapter of Rose Guns Days overall.


Oliver Oribe, Charles Chatani, and Nina Ninagi are directed towards a Chinese hideout by Meijiu Lee, wherein they find and reunite with Zel. The group embrace and vow to save Zel's father together. With the help of Meijiu Lee, they form a plan to break into Yuanhong Wang's restaurant where Zel's father is being held.

Meanwhile, Rose Haibara decides to acquiesce to the Chinese demands for one-third exclusivity rights and the dissolution of the Japanese worker's union.