Volume 9 (Rose Guns Days)

Rose Guns Days: Season 3
Rgd vol9.jpg
Volume2 (9)
Chapters5 (41-45)
ReleasedDecember 22, 2014
December 19, 2017 (EN)
ISBN978-4-757-54498-7Flag of Japan.svg
978-0-316-41415-9Flag of the United States.svg
Volume Chronology
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"Rose Guns Days: Season 3," Volume 2 is the ninth volume of the Rose Guns Days manga and the second volume of the Season 3 adaptation.


For those I love, I'll pull this trigger.

Alan and Keith have found reasons to keep fighting, even in a divided post-war Tokyo. Their work with Primavera's battalion has given them a place to call home and people who need them. But when a revenge-obsessed US garrison major arrives intent on disturbing the waters, will Alan, Keith, and the rest of Primavera be swept away by changing tides...?[1]



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