Volume 10 (Rose Guns Days)

Rose Guns Days: Season 3
Volume3 (10)
Chapters5 (46-50)
ReleasedApril 22, 2015
February 27, 2018 (EN)
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"Last Season: Volume 1"

"Rose Guns Days: Season 3," Volume 3 is the tenth volume of the Rose Guns Days manga and the final volume of the Season 3 adaptation.


When they lose their reason to fight, what is left?

Relations between Primavera and the Chinese are quickly crumbling as Richard struggles with grief and guilt over the loss of precious Primavera members.

Emotions run hot, especially with the US garrison major Gabriel stoking the fire. What will become of the American garrison, the Golden Dragons, and Primavera when the time for real change rushes in with the flames...?[1]


Author's Note


Greetings, Ryukishi07 here.

First off, thank you so much for reading the final volume of Rose Guns Days Season 3. I always looked forward to reading each new update of Omura-sensei's stylish manga!

With Alana nd Keith being these inseparable "pals," they make a particularly conspicuous two-man sniper team. But snipers almost never work alone on the battlefield; they have to have spotters to help. Since they're putting their lives in each other's hands, I wanted to portray that relationship between "pals."

Anyway, if I can go on a tangent about snipers for a second, let me say that I love them! Come to think of it, Higurashi had a scene in the Festival Arc where Kasai and Shion team up to do some sniping!

I love snipers! Or maybe I just love ninja?

They observe the enemy, undetected, and launch a silent attack at one point in the most efficient way before vanishing into the darkness......I just love, love, love that kind of setup. Sniping in FPS games is the best! But I kind of suck, so I exclusively use LMGs (light machine guns) during online play (laughs).

Back on track, some real tragedies went down, heading towards the Last Season......My stories often have timeloops and magic and ways to undo deaths, but there's nothing like that here. Death can't be undone. That's one of Rose Guns Days's big themes. Up through Season 2, these mafia battles were presented in a comic-y way. But the space surrounding Yuki's death, here, happens in a very real way, eating away at a person (nothing like fantawsy). That makes her passing more striking than any other in my works, and perhaps even my first real "death."

Finally, I want to express my sincerest thanks to Omura-0sensei for portraying beautifully the scenes from the original, recreating Alan and Keith's path, and filling these books with action-packed gun battles!

Thank you, really and truly! I'm so grateful!

All that's left is Last Season! Hope you stick around to the very end, everyone!

From the original writer and supervisor, Ryukishi07


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