Alfred Akagi

This character appears in Rose Guns Days.
Alfred Akagi
Character Information
Also Known AsCrazy Alfred
Tetsuya Akagi
BirthdayOctober 8[1]
Blood TypeO[1]
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorGold
OccupationBoss of American Mafia
LikesPopcorn, hot dogs[1]
First AppearanceSeason 1

Alfred Akagi (アルフレッド赤城, Arufureddo Akagi, born Tetsuya Akagi) is the leader of the Alfred Family, an American-Japanese mafia group. Alfred begins to target the staff at Club Primavera after they refuse his racketeering scheme.



Alfred was once an assassin for the District 23 American Mafia, though he later killed his boss and assumed control of the mafia. This splintered the mafia into factions, some supporting Alfred and others against him. Alfred eventually managed to consolidate control and remain boss of his branch of the mafia, though he strained relations with the head family in America.




Season 3

Alfred returns in Season 3, having survived the explosion. He had rebuilt the Alfred Family in the interim years and is again attempting to gain power over Primavera. He is bought off by Richard Maiougi.

Last Season

Alfred briefly appears in Last Season as the Alfred Family now works under Primavera.

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