Rose Haibara

Rose Haibara
Character Information
Also Known AsMisaki Haibara
Misaki Hayashibara
BirthdayAugust 25[1]
Zodiac SignVirgo
Blood TypeA[1]
Hair ColorRose Pink
Eye ColorAqua Green
OccupationMadam of Club Primavera
First AppearanceSeason 1
Rose Haibara (ローズ 灰原, Rōzu Haibara, born Misaki Haibara) is the Madam of Club Primavera and a major character in Rose Guns Days.



Rose is half-Japanese. She is resolute in attempting to help the Japanese people out of poverty, terminating foreign business contracts and encouraging her borrowers to hire Japanese employees.


Rose appears as a well-endowed young woman with long, flowing pink hair and aqua green eyes. She is dressed in a white, red, brown, and tan dirndl and wears a thin necklace.


Rose initially has a demure personality, which was a primary reason for her selection as Madam of Primavera; several other candidates believed that they would have an easier time supplanting her at a later date. However, Rose became more capable and more outspoken about her ideals as time went on, transforming her to into a charismatic leader around whom Primavera hinged upon.


Season 1

Rose is saved by Leo Shishigami while on the run from Alfred Akagi. Rose has been embroiled in a feud with Alfred's mafia, who are attempting to scam Rose into a racketeering scheme. When Rose refuses to pay Alfred, she is kidnapped along with Claudia Kurosaki. While trapped in a building, Rose attempts to send for help by releasing a paper airplane through the barred window of the room she is kept in. The airplane states where Rose thinks she is and says that anyone who gives the airplane to Club Primavera will be rewarded. As a result of this, Richard, Meryl, and Stella find where Rose is and run over Alfred with their car. Leo, Wayne, and Cyrus fight their way through Alfred's mafia and save both Rose and Claudia.

In order to prevent Alfred's mafia from making further attacks on Club Primavera, Rose seeks the help of Philip Butler, a soldier in the American military.

Season 2

After seizing control of District 23, Rose manages to double wages for Japanese workers and becomes a celebrated leader in the underworld.

Season 3

Rose is severely wounded during a hit orchestrated by Gabriel Kaburaya, incapacitating her and preventing her from continuing to rule over Primavera. While she is hospitalized, Richard Maiougi takes over as leader.

Last Season

After recovering, Richard puts Rose under permanent house arrest so that he can continue leading Primavera.

In 2013, Jeanne reveals that Rose's death had been faked; Rose instead quietly left District 23 and married Leo under the name "Misaki Hayashibara."


  • The last character in "Hayashibara" means "rose" in Japanese.

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